Be Harmony: The effectiveness of laser harmonytherapie for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management ...

Stop smoking with Be Harmony

It has been several years since I tried to stop smoking by all means without any result. I tried the laser with Be Harmony as a last chance and it has worked!


I did not believe I could stop smoking in one hour before trying the Be Harmony laser! I haven’t smoked since the session and my condition has changed dramatically.


Handling your stress with Be Harmony

Sometimes I get really stressed because of my job and thanks to Be Harmony I’ve found the efficient solution to remain calm in all circumstances.

Jean Claude

Losing weight with Be Harmony

I wanted to lose weight and though I tried many diets I could lose only a few kilos before putting on weight again. Thanks to the sessions with Be Harmony I was able to regulate my appetite and to reach my goal without any sensation of nagging hunger and I could stabilise especially.



The results felt following a treatment by harmonytherapie laser, can vary according to the motivations of each.