Laser harmonytherapie - Method to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight

Origin and use of the method

Discover the infra-red laser method to stop smoking, to handle your stress or to lose weight. Actually this method that is an efficient way to stop smoking is a high-tech variant of harmonytherapie which has been practiced for centuries and that has proved its effectiveness.

harmonytherapie is an harmonytherapie method that was implemented by the famous doctor from Lyon Paul Nogier. This method considers that the inner ear is linked to all the other body parts and by stimulating it properly many physical problems can be solved:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Stress management

The laser is inspired by this method to stop smoking, to lose weight or to handle stress. The laser artificially stimulates all the strategic ear’s points that correspond to the addiction treatments.

Darmonytherapie provides incredible results especially for smoking cessation. Laser treatment is a choice alternative to nicotinic substitutes. Its utmost efficiency in the treatment of addictions is highly recognised by medical institutions.


Infra-red laser is a smoking giving up method which is used for many years in Europe, Australia and which is becoming more important in Canada where acupuncturists, physiotherapists, dentists, dermatologists, obstetricians and other health professionals already use it. A number of studies made in Europe and in the United States have proved the infra-red laser’s efficiency in the treatment of several pathologies including the addiction to tobacco.

The senses deterioration is one of the tobacco’s consequences that is why the anti-tobacco laser treatment has a direct effect on the senses: the taste, the sense of smell. The treatment is also effective against stress and works on appetite, nervousness and addiction. Thanks to this method that will enable you to stop smoking, handle your stress and lose weight, you will rediscover small pleasures that you had probably forgotten.


The results felt following a treatment by harmonytherapie laser, can vary according to the motivations of each.