How to Stop Smoking: Stop Tobacco with Laser harmonytherapie


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What contains your cigarette?

Acetone (solvent), Naphtylamine, Methanol (fuel rocket), Naphthalene (moth repellent), Nicotine (also a weedkiller and a insecticide), Cadmium (used for batteries), Carbon mononxyde (fumes), Vinyl chloride (used in plastic), Hydrocyanic acid (was used in gas chambers), Ammoniac (detergent), Urethane, Toluene (industrial solvent), Arsenic (violent poison), Dibenzacridine, Polonium 210 (radioactive element), DDT (insecticide), *known carcinogenic substances

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Proceedings of the session

The session lasts one hour approximately, it is painless and there is no side effect. A free follow-up is guaranteed during one year whatever the reason of the relapse is.

Why don’t you try the laser method to stop smoking? Learn about it!

The anti-tobacco infrared laser has a direct effect on the nicotine addiction which one of the main tobacco dependence’s causes. This efficient method allows you to stop smoking without putting on weight, having anxiety problems. The Canadians support using this revolutionary method. As they can tell it to you, this method allows you to give up smoking in an efficient way and this is guaranteed. However if you felt any nicotine craving, stress, nervousness after the session you can come back and have a new free session. So why would you go without it?

The laser method works on nicotine addiction, the will and anxiety. This technique is weak, painless and there is no side effect. This method uses the same principles as harmonytherapie but the machine replaces needles.

The laser affects nervous plexus in specific points thanks to micro vibrations and without harming the skin. The latter have an effect on nerve endings without missing one and that allows the method to be efficient.

After your last cigarette

How does your organism react when you stop smoking ?

20 min after the last cigarette
  • Your body temperature becomes normal again and the blood pressure is reduced
After 8 hours
  • The quantity of nicotine and of carbon monoxide is reduced of 50% in the blood
  • Bad breath disappears
After one day
  • The risk of having a heart attack reduces
  • lungs reject smoke particles
After 2 days
  • Nerve endings begin to regenerate so the taste and the sense of smell reappear
After 3 days
  • Breathing is improved
Between 2 weeks and 3 months
  • The blood circulation is improved
  • The pulmonary capacity can increase to 30%
Between 1 month and 9 months
  • Cough, tiredness, nasal congestion and dyspnoea reduce
  • Little capillaries are regenerating and the ability to eliminate the mucus, to purify the lungs and to fight against the infection increases
  • You increase your performances
After one year
  • The high risk of having cardio-vascular diseases is reduced to a half
  • If you’ve smoked one packet of cigarettes a day, you nearly have put aside 2000 Euros
After 5 years
  • The risk of having an oral cavity cancer, a throat cancer or an oesophagus cancer is reduced to a half as the mortality rate associated to the lungs cancer
  • The risk of having a cerebral vascular accident reduces and it becomes like the risk for a non-smoker
After 10 years
  • Healthy cells stand for the precancerous cells, which favour the formation of a cancer
  • The risk of having a mouth, a bladder, a throat, a pancreas, a kidney or an oesophagus cancer reduces
After 15 years
  • The risk of having a coronary accident is like the risk of a non-smoker.

The results felt following a treatment by harmonytherapie laser, can vary according to the motivations of each.