Method to manage stress and anxiety with laser harmonytherapie Be Harmony

Stress physiology

Stress is considered as energy disequilibrium. When the internal circulation of energy is disrupted your health feels the effects of it. The energy of a healthy person who also lives in a good environment circulates well. But any disturbance is going to cause an energy “log jam” or to harm organs and this will create insomnias, anxiety, irritation, you will have a libido loss, a sense of humour loss and stress.

Stress is when a too big pressure is put on your organism. For women and men, this pressure can be caused by internal or external demands which are called the “stress elements”.

Stress elements can result from work or from friendly, environmental, financial or family demands which are difficult to satisfy. They can also be internal and be the consequence of obligation that you have imposed to yourself, of guilt, of anxiety, of self-criticism, of contentious values, of illness or of psychological tensions.

Proceedings of the session

How does a session for STRESS CONTROL unfold?

First the BE HARMONY practitioner starts making a check-up with you in order to know you better and to be able to customise your treatment and to adapt it to your own needs.

The standard treatment protocol:

  • 4 one-hour meetings with laser stimulations, once a week

It is possible to organise other meetings if need be in order to have a better follow-up.


The results felt following a treatment by harmonytherapie laser, can vary according to the motivations of each.