How to lose weight and lose weight with laser harmonytherapie Be Harmony

With the laser harmonytherapie method you lose weight

Laser harmonytherapie allows you to control your appetite thanks to a soft laser. This treatment works on some of the stomach points. Appetite is reduced so you eat less. Hunger sensation is eased in a natural way what allows the stomach to limit the quantity of food that is eaten without hurting.

The goal is to reduce the amount of food you eat, to avoid you being starving, to fight against sugar cravings. Some points are also concerned in order to calm down stress that spurs you to eat too much. Besides reducing your appetite, what favours weight loss, this treatment gives you an immediate sensation of well-being.

Hunger is a sensation that is controlled by the hypothalamus. This gland contains a centre of appetite and a centre of fullness. The treatment raises the hormone rate in the blood what reduces your food craving.

Proceedings of the session

How does a session for the CONTROL OF APPETITE and WEIGHT LOSS unfold?

First the BE HARMONY practitioner starts making a check-up with you in order to know you better and to be able to customise your treatment and to adapt it to your own needs.

Then BE HARMONY explains you the proceedings of the treatment in detail and proposes you a dietary therapy to help you in your move (the therapy is adapted to your food habits and to your potential allergies).

The standard treatment protocol:

  • 4 one-hour meetings with laser stimulations, once a week

It is possible to organise other meetings if need be in order to have a better follow-up and to reach your goal.



The results felt following a treatment by harmonytherapie laser, can vary according to the motivations of each.